Scintillating scotoma and migraine auras

There…. that is a picture of the migraine aura I’m getting frequently again, but with less of an intense blind spot than usual… or the actual temporary blindness, but it lasts longer too. It is lasting over an hour each time but then this scintillation… the flickering lights seem to be part of my persistent migraine aura.

And here is something funny. I have been Googling my butt off about different visual migraine auras to find this one and found the name of another. Metamorphopsia… which is my distorted vision, when firm lines warble and become wavy that is part of my persistent migraine aura. And I found one called corona phenomena which I have been having since I was a kid… and seriously that makes more than one visual phenomena listed as a migraine aura I’ve had before I ever had migraines as I knew them that suggests I was getting silent migraines or ocular migraines when I was a kid… so for a very long time before I ever had a migraine with pain (which would be when I hit puberty but I didn’t know a headache with a scotoma was a migraine until I was in my twenties). Crazy eh? But some of those visual things seemed odd but not overly affecting my vision, just odd and sure I asked people over the years about them because of it but apparently no one knew… so it remained odd. And so how the hell would you know you are getting a silent migraine if you have no other migraine symptoms? And without this scotoma which is a classic migraine visual aura?

I want to compile a big long list of all the visual crap and say This Here is what I see… now then, Mr. doctor, do something about That then. Because when you mention a migraine aura the one above is the one neuros think of and actually it is the rarest one I get… apparently less rare now with my med change but nonetheless the rarest and the shortest in duration. Still, for that duration it is pretty blinding, I’ll give it that. And it can cause temporary blindness which is freaky.


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