aura Visual snow

A blurb about persistent visual aura and visual snow

A little clip about persistent migraine auras and visual snow… not much but a little something anyway. Notice it says 92% of people with visual snow did not respond to medication? Same with me; I did respond to medication for my migraine aura though and you’d think it was similar and my visual snow had diminished in intensity at one time but it doesn’t go away for sure. Fasinating that it occurs wiht people without migraine with aura as well… since you’d think it was a sort of aggravation  of the mechanism that causes the aura, as in same part of the brain but obviously they are not certain if it is the same and obviously if migraine patients who never get a visual aura get visual snow something different is going on there.  For persistent visual aura… never been on those meds and this is a new paper from 2012. You’d think if this new neuro was trying something new he’d think of one of them, but apparently he would rather think of something old rather than new.


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