Migraine in Children

I have no idea what they mean by appropriate treatment in this article… many of the adult medications cannot be given to children which makes it complex. However, I have heard that depends on the situation and age.


The study shows that children with migraine are more likely to have below average school performance than kids without migraine (study in Neurology Oct 20, 2012).

The study was of 5,671 Brazilian children aged 5-12 and found that those with migraine were 30% more likely to have below average school performance. The study showed that 0.6% of the children were chronic, 9% were episodic and 17.6% had probable migraine.

“Studies have looked at the burden of migraine for adolescents, but less work has been done to determine the effect of migraine on younger children,” said study author Marcelo E. Bigal, MD, PhD, of Merck & Co. in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, and a member of the American Academy of Neurology.
The link between migraine and poor performance in school was even stronger for children with migraines that were more severe, lasted longer, or for children with chronic migraine, as well as for those who also had emotional or behavioral problems.
“With approximately one-fourth of school-age children having headaches with migraine features, this is a serious problem, especially for those with frequent, severe attacks that do not subside quickly,”
Bigal said. “Parents and teachers need to take these headaches seriously and make sure children get appropriate medical attention and treatment.” –American academy of neurology



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