Weather migraine trigger

This is what woke me up this morning with an acute migraine. Actually, I woke up with an acute migraine prior to the storm rolling in.. Because my brain is awesome at predicting weather like this. And I rolled out of bed, stumbled into the wall and then the kitchen to take my triptan. One would think you would just keep sleeping because that would be the best thing to do but not when the migraine wakes you up and is full blown acute. I tried to get back to sleep… no such luck. Managed to work the pain down to the moderate zone for the rest of the day while it snowed and snowed and snowed. This was about 5:30 and still snowing. Clearly, winter has arrived. Sadly.

Winter does stabilize the weather fluctuations overall, so in that sense, for a weather trigger, it is far better than spring. I just loathe it. Too dark for my mood. The cold when you have a migraine is like a vice squeezing your head. It isn’t good on the fibromyalgia. Or the peripheral neuropathy.


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