You spin me right round, baby. Right round like a record, baby. Right round, round, round

Migraine vertigo says no to amusement park rides and fun.

Yep, I’m in the Migraine Zone and it is day four of killer migraines… as usual, the symptoms with my migraines are more intense.

Yesterday I had profound vertigo. I did not notice it was worse than normal until I was in the kitchen and turned to leave and almost fell on my ass… just turning around and the whole room just whirled around me and I staggered and fell into the fridge.

The pain at an 8 t as well so I had not been paying much attention to anything else really but after that little incident, I was much more careful on how I moved. Had to walk with a hand against the wall and be careful when I got up and when I sat down. That night, of course, my head was still internally spinning so I had a hard time falling asleep… plus the Topamax has given me a sore throat, a cold and breathing issues so I ended up getting up in the middle of the night to taking a cough drop and my puffer.

Big mistake. I got up, staggered a bit, hit the wall. My boyfriend heard me at that point and then I fell into the end of the bed and hit his foot and he said to come back to bed, but seriously my throat was killing me from laying down so long. So I tried to walk forward again and really fell into the bed. And my boyfriend was then insisting I get back into bed, but I was like no I’m all good… that’s what walls are for, right? I got my cough drop and puffer. Amazingly. But the thing is that at times like this with a killer migraine making things wonky… I also had severe visual trailers so every time I looked somewhere light the light image would repeat vividly. I hate when that happens. I also had a pulsing aura. And the pain was severe so I really just wanted to get some sleep.

I finally did get to sleep but the vertigo has continued today. I woke up with horrible nausea which isn’t surprising when you think about the feeling of this falling motion and spinning. It is just amazing I managed to eat. Unfortunately this evening I thought in addition to the soup I managed earlier I would have some cereal…. and when I was carrying the bowel back into the kitchen with milk in the bottom… well I was all spiny and I sort of fell to my knees and spilled it All over the place. *sigh* That’s what I get for not following the wall with my hand. So now here I sit… regretting eating that cereal in the first place, with this constant spinning in my head…. wondering how I am going to get to sleep tonight with this again.


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