Doctor appointment: And I forgot again

when going to doc write down important things, forget at home. leave office never talking about most important things


Honestly, I feel like I forget more than I remember when I go talk to my doctor. And then hours later I’m always like Damnit! I forgot such and such Again! I need to have an interpreter that can read my mind. They should make an App for that. Partially it is just the fact I still have this status migraine… so a crapload of pain. Partially it is the Topamax which is just not good for the brain memory. Partially it is that I’m there for something specific and he has like I swear a two-minute window for me… you simply cannot rush someone with fibro brain. You distract me for one minute and whatever else I thought I ought to mention goes out the window.

There is sort of a pile-up of things I ought to mention. You ever wonder if one of those things that has been a been nagging symptom… the is likely just a ‘fibromyalgia thing’ might really be something you should bring up? I do sometimes. I’m not a hypochondriac or anything. I ought to be considering how many bloody comorbid conditions these people insist on diagnosing me with… but I figure FM covers a lot of ground, so I likely don’t worry enough.

Pain is pain, right?

How do you know when pain is a pain you should worry about when you have pain all the time? Most people are really fortunate that way. They feel the pain that hurts a lot or persists and of course, they go to the doctor. I have no freaking clue. Is it normal pain? Is it a flare up? Is it a side effect of a medication? When is it abnormal for me? That also was a concern with chest pains… was it chest wall pain, asthma lung pain, or angina pain, from the stomach… sort of had to learn where the pain was coming from and whether it was serious or not. The Topamax side effect of chest pain… have not figured out yet. Abdominal pain… tricky one, sometimes I can’t figure that one out myself.

I’ve been having this back pain for a bit now. It was aggravated a lot by yoga and walking and nothing really. It just hurts. It hurts to just try and sleep. It is the sort of back pain where you feel fine bending forward but it is painful and difficult to stand straight or bend it backward. It is very tender in the lower back, but over a broad area if you were to poke around. It will get a lot worse, quickly, when I walk anywhere.

Yoga was not helping. I assumed FM flare up from the yoga, but it did not lessen when I lessened the yoga… it has remained consistent. So I assumed one of those random and highly painful FM flare ups even though I have never had it in the back before. But what do I know about back pain? Nada. I know usually it should come from an injury. I know it should be better with rest, but I have real troubles sleeping with it. I know nothing has helped with it… not creams or back pain pills. I know that I get tingling and numbness in my hands and feet… but that is hardly unusual is it for migraines and FM, or even a side effect of Topamax. In the scheme of FM… its pain and I immediately put it in that category. But reflecting on it, back pain can rather be specific so I thought I should at least get it looked at. But I forgot. Of course.

Then there are the Other symptoms. There are just too many of them. Some seem so minor as to not even worry over. Like my sudden allergy to shampoo. Weird, but not something I mentioned. Would a normal person mention something like that? I don’t even know. It seems so minor. Then there are the major things that I have put up with for so long and have mentioned to him several times… but I guess he does not take me seriously enough. Like IBS-D. That really is serious to me. I mean I am really beginning to hate food… and I try to take vitamins, but apparently, I can’t digest them… and every medication seems to upset my digestive system. He seems to focus on the nausea and stomach pain, which is minor compared to the fact that nothing stays in me long enough to actually be digested properly. This really is getting bad. I keep trying diet changes and all sorts of things because all the things he does make it worse.

Point is I never seem to get these things in. They are important… obviously, they are. Eventually, I will remember. Then he will ask how long the back pain has been going on and I will be like… um, I have no idea. All the small minor things… never get brought up. And who knows what is missed there right? Major things I will eventually specifically make an appointment for when I go for refills. One at a time. But I can’t help but feel that the FM is a little… not dealt with. Maybe these digestive issues have been ignored for too long. Hard for medications, vitamins, nutrients… anything to get in me if my digestive system is this out of whack… and how can I get a crip on the migraines if that is the case? I get doctors are intimidated by FM as in the Whole picture… but this part of the picture is what makes me so ill when I get these status migraines or have these side effects. And it’s not good.

Anyway… I have to find my phone and add some reminders into it… its the only bloody way I can remember these things.



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