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Scintillating scotoma Migraine Auras (playlist)

Here are some good videos and a gif on what scinntilating scotoma auras look like… the most common migraine aura by far. Generally when someone refers to a migraine aura they commonly think of this one, which is why you see videos and pictures depicting it all the time. When I first starting getting migraine with aura this was my primary migraine aura symptom, which by the way is a great early migraine warning system. Pretty spectacular as well. As you notice with the depictions here some show it in a clear color and some show it with milti-color and that is because it can be either. But the band of ‘sparkles’ is the scintillations and the scotoma is the blind spot that follows after. So it becomes this sort of flowing wave of expanding sparkles with a blind spot that follows in its wake… starting small in the beginning and getting bigger and begger until it takes up all of your vision. And then the migraine. And then it is over. If you do not have the blind spot and just this band of sparkles then it is just scintillations which is also possible… which is why I refer to my ‘scintillations’ and not this. And this does not follow the same pattern at all… it is more like a warping, waving arch of multi-colored sparkles in my entire upper field of vision. But then they do take different patterns and I do know of all my migraine auras this is the only one that has ever been effected by medication… ever. I mean without any preventative it is pretty intense, some prentatives stopped them altogether and right now I get those thick band of scintillations but with black blind spots at the edges… so who the hell knows. So it could still be the same thing just different, since it seems people see it differently and I guess when I initally got it with no medication it was prettly severe… but granted all my auras are pretty intense. I honestly do not get why this specific one responds to treatment though, including the fact it comes prior to a migraine like a normal aura and goes away with a triptan but my persistent migraine auras certainly do not. Also scintillations by themselves are possible without a migraine… just as a peristent migraine aura. When i get that it tends to be a warping white arch like that GIF. Or a sharp cirle of shooting sparkles in the core of my vision. So there you go… a lesson in scintillations.


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