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5 Migraine Aura Myths from

I like that ‘if your migraines are preceded with aura they will always be preceded by aura’ and apparently they usually will not. I know my hormonal ones are not. However when it comes to the others hard to say since I have persistent migraine aura symptoms… sort of ruins the whole preceding the migraine part altogether. Still there are migraine auras I can still tell are preceding an aura like numbness and tingling, sometimes unusual visual ones and of course hearing loss or muffled hearing and then things like aphasia. And the auras are never the same and can be mixed together. An aura of some sort is very common for me which is how I knew the menstrual migraines were such a different trigger and type of migraine. I guess I’m the exception and not the rule in the particular case which makes sense given the persistent migraine auras which would confuse the issue substantially.


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