Day 13 – Haiku WEGO 30 posts in 30 days

Write a health acrostic for your condition,hashtag, or username! (acrostic = a poem where every letter of a word serves as the first letter of a word or phrase i.e. DOG Digs Others’ Gardens)
My Tumblr account is called the Hermit and my writing blog isalso the Hermit, because chronic migraines consume a lot of… energy to just exist and so anything I used to get through working basically took up all I had. I maintained a social lifewith fibromyalgia… just with limitations and, yes, it affected it but there was a social life. The chronic migraines on top of that… I had to cut all that out because it was not Necessary for my survival. There are numerous benefits to being around people and having friends and getting out into the world… but when you just need to survive something has to go. I do understand that it is possible to maintain friendships with chronic pain if those friends are flexible, positive and supportive… I just wasn’t capable of it so they drifted away. By inches. Life lost by inches. Being an introverted person this just means became more reclusive and obviously more involved with connections online. So there is a reason I use that handle because pain takes and then it takes some more and then it keeps on taking until you just have this core Existence left… and you wonder what happened to all those other aspects of your life you had. Anyway, I am not good at poetry so you will have to excuse this post on that angle.

that which takes.png


 That Which Takes

History of pain

Etched into my soul

Restricting, hiding, binding

Movement, thought, life

In such endless ways

Torment me no more


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