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Canadian May12th Fibromyalgia Awareness Day events

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Canadian May12th Fibromyalgia Awareness Day events 

With Fibromyalgia Awareness Day coming up on May 12th I thought I would focus this years article on Canadian events being hosted to support Awareness. I also then listed a online thunderclap campaign and a list of Fibromyalgia Pages that are great for supported awareness, for support and information. Last years article was on how much awareness is actually out there… as in our perception of what awareness people have of the syndrome and the actual perceptions people have, which surprised me…. there is a link at the bottom where further articles to read where that one is listed.

Last year there simply did not seem to be that many things going on. This year… some great things. Glad to see it really. I hope next year is even better and more promotion of it.


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