TMJ Disorders

I need to go see a dentist. I have TMJ but like most things, I just tack that right onto Fibromyalgia and think nothing about it. Although I get a significant amount of jaw pain and teeth pain with migraines. And I can no longer, and for some time, sleep with my mouth closed because my jaw hurts so bad I have to leave it open slightly to have any level of comfort. I do that often in the day as well, relax my jaw and stick my tongue between my teeth to keep it open. And for many years chewing gum has been out of the question. But recently chewing is causing some sharper pain right up in the jaw. I thought it would go away but nope seems to be sticking around and rather unpleasant. So I best get that looked at. Before I decide soup or applesauce sound like awesome dinner ideas.


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