migraine Triggers

Weather trigger… guess that was the answer to that migraine. Mystery solved.

It’s raining, its pouring… pain, pain go away come back some other day. Or not. Not saying you have to come back some other day. It was actually quite the thunder boomer… heavy rain, then hail, then rain, then hail… some good thunder and lightning. And two of the cats of course were in the basement for hours. For one of those sudden spring storms it lasted longer than I thought it would actually, but those are the worst though… if it is rainy all day, not an issue. Rather like cloudy, rainy days. I actually love storms as well… just my brain isn’t fond of them.

I managed to get rid of a three day migraine with some heavily medicated sleep so I woke up feeling pretty good. The first indication I was getting a migraine at all was just the sudden bout of vertigo.

Wish i could have caught a picture of the downpour of the nutty hail, but I was resting my brain before the Migraine Misfits Chat… or I would have been real brainless by then! The vertigo and that first pressure of pain did give me some good reaction time and the pain isn’t nearly as intense as yesterday.



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