Migraine Awareness Month #15 Harry Potter:  Write and name a spell for getting rid of a Migraine/Headache attack.

Harry Potter migraine spells not for the untrained

I never read the books myself but I did watch the movies… my boyfriend loves them. So this post is for him and our love of fantasy movies.

Spells for migraine:

Vodium Migrainous

This is a void migraine spell that requires a very specific swirl of the wand and a delicate touch to the right temple… if this isn’t done correctly rather than ‘void’ it can cause a ‘Vacuum’ which can turn into an internal brain black hole if not left treated with a counterspell. As we all know, a brain black hole will consume the whole mind and then all the minds around it. Not a novice spell, by any means. However, it will entirely abort a migraine and many say it is well worth the risk.

A novice might want to try treating symptoms first. I recommend these:

Adnauseum finitus:

This potion is used to treat severe nausea. People tend to find it an unpleasant brew. Some say the peppermint and the ginger conflict… while others rather don’t like the earthworms that must be applied after the potion has set and be still alive when the patient takes the potion. However, it is the best-known treatment for nausea known. If it is mixed incorrectly it has been known to cause a lack of appetite that can last for months.

I can see clearly now that the rain is gone:

Now this spell has been vastly debated due to its informal language, however, Professor Flowerpetal has adamantly defended her creation of it in her thesis ‘It is the semantics of the words, damn it, not the garble-gook language‘ and demands us fussy pots reconsider its use.

There can be no doubt it is useful for visual auras, visual snow, and persistent migraine auras for the duration of one month. It only requires a swishing motion of the wand across the eyes as the words are said and a sharp tap against both closed eyes, which only causes some minor discomfort. Eye injuries have occurred, nevertheless, still recommended for all migaine aura types. Also, works on non-visual auras so do not be deceived by the focus on the eyes.


This was a quite accidental treatment for vestibular migraines. It is actually a spell to cause vertigo. With a flick of the wand upward sharply and the words ‘upsy-downy,’ you can cause the sensation of vertigo in anyone. However, it turns out if they already have vertigo it is the best treatment for it. Go figure. We were as surprised as anyone with this result.

Advanced students might want to tackle vertigo or other non-visual auras spells and potions before moving on to Vodium Migrainous

Spell not to be used by any means

Pain evictus:

This will end pain. But is also, therefore, ends the capacity to feel sensation at all. It has led to a great many injuries and should not be attempted unless dire need. Unfortunately, spell duration is a year and no one has figured out how to make it last, say, an hour. Which would be really cool for those of us who need a damn pain break already. Ehm, anyway, by no means should this be used.

June 2013, Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, is dedicated to Unmasking the Mystery of Chronic Headache Disorders. The 2013 Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is a project of FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.

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