Happy Canada Day Canadians!!!

It was a hot one here. Hot and bright. Which means for most of it I was indoors because after the last week of acute migraines and poor sleep I managed to get some good sleep last night… aiding by sleeping pills of course, and on waking with no migraine, I wanted to keep it that way as long as possible so I could have some Canada Day fun. Not too much but some. Here in the small city where I live it was also the 30th anniversary of the city becoming a city so they got two Canadian bands to appear. Very nostalgic ones really. One was Glass Tiger which I Know for certain I had a tape of when I was about twelve… right around the time my preferences really were swinging towards heavy metal. I think they were mainly before my time but I did want to see them… that would have been pushing it though since they were earlier on when it was still hot and bright. Not to mention only so long I can really handle loud noises before that is a trigger or standing due to the FM. So we waited for it to cool down and went for the last act which was 54-40… also I think when they began before my time but I know very many of their songs and I know I was in my later teens for some of them… around when I was listening to alternative mostly, but clearly these songs were known to me. Damn good concert. Then off the fireworks, which I love. I know they are loud but I still think they are wonderfully fantastic.


There was a huge crowd out this year… we had a more than a few people come in just for the bands. It was nuts and awesome.

We really enjoyed the concert. I actually had a hard time not wanting to do more than tap my feet, sway a little and rock a bit on my feet… I wanted to just straight out boogie. I said to Martin… I expect I would get some odd looks if I did. Dancing like no one is looking is my style. But I had an itch to dance listening to such good tunes. And with no migraine. It made me antsy in my pantsy. I restrained myself. Okay… to occasionally little boogie escaped. Mostly to make Martin laugh… but that was all.

Now I don’t think I’d be able to handle a whole concert, in a closed environment with the whole shebang of a light show that would make anyone tempted to have a seizure… but this wasn’t too bad. It was loud enough that is shook my rib-cage and I don’t like that feeling… makes it hurt, that damned FM chest wall pain, but it is doubtful this was enough to cause that… just don’t like it. And it was loud enough to trigger a migraine, some parts especially, but I only really noticed it bothering me at the very end. My sound sensitivity was kicking in a bit and I could see my eyes getting wonkier than usual. This is the sort of show that is the most I can handle though. Shorter… you can go farther back if needed. It is open so not confined where the sound would be more. No extreme light shows and so forth. Even on a moderate migraine day, I think I could have taken this in and enjoyed it… from a bit farther back.




Martin is a goofball and likely why we work together… he got obsessed with those little glow in the dark strands and went nuts with them. Because they were ‘for a good cause’. Uh huh. lol.

And here are some firework shots. Hard to get good ones but I used a new camera and with the lighting they turned out pretty well. I only take a few because then I just want to focus on the show, just like to have some to remember. And they are insanely loud… could because at this point I was getting a migraine, which I had felt come on at the end of the concert and was now feeling the pain and neck pain as well. Also… the fireworks get extra… traily. But it was still awesome because I think they are so damned spectacular and beautiful. Besides, we are close to home, so we when we got there was able to take something for the migraine.






Overall lucky it was so a low pain day up because I was able to abort that migraine from yesterday and able to avoid the triggers that would definitely have triggered another so that I could have a little fun.


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