migraine genetics: New migraine genes discovery could fuel future research

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New migraine genes discovery could fuel future research “Researchers looked at almost 30 studies of genomes (or a person’s genetic makeup), which included more than 100,000 genetic samples taken from both migraine sufferers and healthy individuals. Their analysis revealed 12 genetic regions associated with a person’s susceptibility to migraines, including five newly identified regions. Eight genetic regions were found in or near genes that have a role in controlling brain circuitries and pathways, while two of the regions were linked to genes responsible for keeping brain tissue healthy.
Some of the regions were sensitive to so-called “oxidative stress,” a process in which cells get damaged.
“This large scale method of studying over 100,000 samples of healthy and affected people means we can tease out the genes that are important suspects and follow them up in the lab,” study co-author Dr. Gisela Terwindt, a neurologist at the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, said in a statement.
The researchers also found another 134 genetic regions that could be associated with migraines, but said the evidence of their involvement was statistically weaker. They point out previous studies suggest the role of these less-involved regions should not be discounted entirely, and that the statistically “weaker” culprits may play an equal role in the underlying biology of migraines.”

This research has been ongoing so we do here about it from time to time… but the number of areas they are up to is 12, with 5 new additions which is pretty amazing. Obviously we are aware of the strong genetic role in the disease so the research is quite important and could play a role in future treatment.


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