Imaging my #vortex #aura

Sort of hard to draw these things and stumbled on one of those random programs. But of course even it does not cut it, but the colors are sort of close.This is the aura I get often lately in the center of my vision. And it is a very vibrant aura. You have to imagine like most auras it is pulsing and moving… it has a pattern of pulsing in brightness in a sort of circular pattern. The core in the photo there I can’t actually see through it is a blind spot but as the aura gets larger and brighter it can be filled with bright gold or just more warped pulsing translucent nothing. And it isn’t really circular either, just hard to get the shape correct here… it is more oval most of the time. And there is also of course, black in it as well… it is mostly on the negative spectrum of aura colors aside from the gold… blue, black and purple are my most frequent aura colors, but I get while and gold as well. This one will get that nice violet purple in it, but it isn’t as often, just following after the pulse of blue sometimes.

It is a persistent migraine aura by the way. Not before a migraine. To a mild degree I have seen it around triggered from stimulus. But the major show has always been triggered by… sunlight. As in literally from a minute or two after leaving the house. I know some of my auras get more intense depending on photosensitivity but this is the first obvious case of light triggered aura events.


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