Diet and Migraine: Is there a role?

This I have heard a lot. And I think a good compromise to begin would be the Mediterranean diet. But it is really tricky for me when my spouse needs a low fiber, low-fat diet. And I don’t want to make his condition worse given it can get really not good. And I don’t want to have to buy entirely different foods and cook entirely different meals… like I even have those skills. But maybe for other meals and then sort of… cut the carbs out of my supper. Uhg, how yuck. But people at least have given me some pasta alternatives if I try to do this since I cannot go without pasta… I freaking love pasta.

Anyway, when it comes to the comorbid I am Group 1 and 2… so… guess that means potentially insulin resistant and moody. No one needs to tell me I’m moody. Or the fact my migraines fit that cyclical pattern… they really did before I was on depo… four days before my menstrual cycle and right on through… sometimes lasting longer and horrifically worse than the rest of the month.



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