So migraine associated vertigo or some other vertigo? Still in the vertigo vortex

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So still have vertigo from Sept. 30th. It is going with this pattern that is so unlike my migraine associated vertigo I am beginning to wonder if it is in fact from that. Which concerns me.

When I get up in the morning it is barely noticeable. I feel unstable a bit. My eyes don’t track so well.

Then the more I move around it gets worse. Specifically, if I am standing or walking around it will get worse Fast. So very little standing or walking. But it is quite noticeable sitting upright.

Yet when I lie down it is far more stable again after a few minutes. I just feel a lot of tingling in my legs a few pulsing and maybe a little slight dropping sensation. A more wooshing movement of dropping and lack of tracking if I move my head at an angle or too fast but otherwise not too bad.

I notice when I try to do activities like crouch down, bend over or… when I attempted to clean the bathtub… worse, much worse. But again just standing makes it worse.

It got real today and all I did was about an extra hour of standing and sitting movements while visiting family… but not only was it quite a bit worse but when I got up to leave I had trouble walking to the truck.

And… repeat every day. The same. No variation. No different types of vertigo on there. Same thing over and over. No breaks in it, unless I lie down and decrease it for a bit. And that isn’t normal that lying down would make it better than standing up would then make it get worse and worse. Generally I get lots of vertigo that lying down does not change it at all.

But you do see the problem here. I can’t seem to stand or walk around very much At All, and sitting doesn’t help at all. And I can’t do anything with it that doesn’t make it much worse. And… I can lie around all the time!

I have to make a doctors appointment for a prescription and I will go for this too. But that won’t be soon. And I wonder if I should see someone sooner or not.




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