Going up stairs is a danger zone vertigo

I fell going up the stairs today. I had felt a little wobbly and dizzy. Off-kilter as it was. Then just started with the internal vertigo and somehow ended up planted forward on my hands and knees. I got up and began to go up and slammed into the wall, which likely accounts for how … Continue reading Going up stairs is a danger zone vertigo

Valentines Day !

It is Valentine's Day people!   Time to celebrate the Love! I actually have a lot I could say about relationships and chronic illness on a serious note but I have said it before. I will say that I am not much of a Valentine's person really. Not much of flowers and chocolate person. I … Continue reading Valentines Day !

Chronic illness: identity and embodiment

Read this selection first. It is interesting. Embodiment: Mooring disability identity Embodiment is the principle of rooting one’s identity in the reality of one’s body. Feminists point out that cultural practice interprets embodiment; for instance, in many societies women’s bodies have functioned as objects that are possessed and controlled by men. Similarly, people with disabilities … Continue reading Chronic illness: identity and embodiment