Tinnitus Treatment – Causes and treatment of tinnitus

I get tinnitus that is pretty constant, however, can get worse with a migraine. I am not sure what you want to blame for it. Chronic migraines. Fibromyalgia. Visual snow syndrome. Or an overlapping symptom from them all. However, I have had it for a very, very long time. I can remember it as a teenager. So right around the time, the visual snow poofed into existence so did the tinnitus. By then the fibro already existed but the migraines with aura did not.

I do wonder if you have tinnitus from these sorts of conditions if it is like having vertigo from migraines… where they can’t do rehabilitation for it when you still have the condition itself, such as migraines, not managed at all. Such that you get rid of the tinnitus only to have it reappear not too long after with the next migraine, getting more and more constant? Or once it is gone it stays gone? I do know no neuro ever suggests doing anything about it when it comes to migraines, even if it is not just with the migraines. Perhaps they do not know, never assume a neuro knows all. They rather don’t.

Right now I take ginkgo for the tinnitus as if I take it every single day it dampens the loudness of it, except when it is enhanced by a wicked migraine. But overall it is dampened quite well by taking the supplement regularly. It must be taken regularly, however. And it is truly a good wicked migraine that muffles my hearing still will temporarily increase the ringing pitch.



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