It is Valentine’s Day people!


You rock my soul

Time to celebrate the Love!

I actually have a lot I could say about relationships and chronic illness on a serious note but I have said it before. I will say that I am not much of a Valentine’s person really. Not much of flowers and chocolate person. I do tend to get them mind you. Also, am not the sort to wear jewelry.  My boyfriend has understood this so when he gets it for me it tends to be simplistic in design. Something he knows I will wear. Something I can just wear and forget about. I do tend to forget I have them to wear though. Used to have these tiny hoop sleeper earrings I never, ever took out until I had a CAT scan and had to… and lost one. Now I never wear earrings because I forget that I have them to wear. So clearly this isn’t a thing one often buys me. He got me a necklace this year which is quite nice. It is a two heart design. I have one that is one heart that I never take off, literally, but I cannot wear it with this one or the chains get tangled… guess how I figured that out. So it will be one or the other. I would tell you what I got him but it has not arrived yet and I would not want to ruin the surprise. Nothing fancy. Just something I came across online I could do.


Anyway, we do not tend to do much on this particular day. Not much for the hype, I am afraid. I do like getting a card though. A nice good funny card. My spouse prefers a sentimental card. I actually think the cards would be sufficient but this year we decided we felt like gifts. Sometimes we decide we feel like dinner, but not on the actual day, just near to it.

But on this day I like to remind myself I got myself a keeper. A man who when I worked did all the cooking and did all the shopping. Now that I am off, he continues to do all the shopping but I decided since I was home to do all the cooking. And no matter what he does he does it because he knows I am in pain and because he wants to. A man that when I went on long-term leave was pretty insistent I never return to my employer and preferred I did not work at all. Don’t know if that is feasible but it is really sweet. I don’t know why some relationships break under the strain of chronic illness as a factor and others do not. But I know my man has some good empathy and I think that helps him understand others better. I lucky to have found him and to have been a part of his life these 16 years.

Here is for my man!


Charlie and my spouse caught sticking tongue out!


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