Feel like my brain is rejecting my head…

And yes in a brainless sort of way where I want to spell and my brain refuses to understand what words are. But also in a migraine pain sort of way. Like my brain just wants to run screaming from my head. Jump ship. But here is the thing… it is the cause of the problem. So it has no cause for complaints in the equation here. If anything the rest of my body should be ticked at my brain.

It is, in fact, the pain part of the party that has been getting to me lately due to weather fluctuations. Damn weather just can’t be stable lately so the migraines are quite variable in intensity and can hit quite early, unfortunately. But last few days the visual auras have also been rather warpy. Interfering with my capacity to read and That, my friends, irks the hell out of me. Reading is my favorite pain distraction and I have the capacity to do so with a great deal of pain… up to the upper levels in fact, where pain begins to interfere with all level of functioning. Then I am screwed, but then, screwed to do anything. But when your eyes are all shifting, warping and the visual snow is intense it can be difficult to focus on worse. Plus a lot of halos and double vision. When the auras get bad it is never One visual effect, it is more than a few smooshed together. But the whole field warping effect is the problematic one.
So clearly my brain is rejecting the rest of my body. It is failing to accept it’s role. Failing to take. Need a new one.



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