When someone wears too much perfume and you have a migraine…


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*gag* *gasp*
I can have such a sensitive sense of smell with migraines. It is not Just with cologne and perfume. It it with all things. But fragrances can be sharp, make the migraine worse, trigger a migraine or trigger a bout of nausea the likes you never want to encounter.
I avoid perfume counters like the plague. Don’t want to walk into that mixture of hell scents thank you.
I have problems buying candles because while I generally know which my nose finds insanely offensive I am tricked by the names of some of them or some sound rather pleasant and turn out to be vastly unpleasant to me.
I know people are sensitive about their perfumes. They want to smell nice. They want to wear them. Even though the contents of such concoctions can bother people with asthma, migraines, allergies and a few other conditions as well. It is why some workplaces and other public places are now fragrance free. Don’t blame that on me and my migraines blame that one a significant part of the population having a problem with them in different ways.
My workplace would not have gone fragrance free for me. They hardly would have done anything significant for my health benefit. So it could be difficult. I just knew who wore perfume I could not tolerate and therefore could not stand near and needed to avoid most of the time. But I could not avoid customers and I could not have my office door open when they were in my office. Those two things combined? Could make for a toxic situation with some people who I swear dumped their perfume bottle on themselves before walking out the door. It Lingers long after they are gone such that even then you don’t want to stay in there… wishing you could fumigate it of the perfume somehow.
So with a migraine I Notice a Lot of scents. Scents I should not notice at all become magnified. It is a horrible migraine symptom as far as I am concerned. Ruins my appetite I might add. Some things smell too much so I just think they are ‘off’ or they make my stomach roll. Point is it can do the same with some stronger perfumes. So this would be why I might back a few steps from someone. Stand down wind. Not hug people. But generally I don’t think it is a big deal people wear a normal amount of perfume or cologne.
But too much is just damn too Much. My nose is already on hyper-drive. I am swarmed by the scent of it. Drowning in it. Makes me want to toss my cookies on their shoes. I can’t just back up a few paces because the fume cloud they have created is in the whole damn room. Uhg.


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