Missing appointments: Brain fog life

Yes, I had a very frustrating bad memory day today. Two appointments canceled as a result. I don’t know this is normal. Brain fog is a way of life for me.

The first was my lactose and food allergy test I had scheduled online. It is a two-hour bloodwork test for the lactose one. The lactose stuff you get from the pharmacy lasts 24hours. I made the appointment online as per the sheet I was given months ago. I should have made the appointment right away… but I had all the other appointments… the MRI, shrink, colonoscopy, barium test all around the same time. So I waited a bit. And then I forgot. So I finally got around to it. Well, I think the chick who initially gave it to me must have told me to call and not do it online, but with my short-term memory like I would remember that. The form just had a number to cancel appointments (which I now assume I was supposed to call). I get to my appointment and they say ‘We cannot do this we close in an hour.’ And I am like I made it on your online site and it specified the time I could make it. But nope. She said ‘you’re supposed to call it in’. There was no number to call I say. She said we should drive to another location and catch them in time. Instead, I called the number on top of the sheet she gave me and explained my situation. She got me in for tomorrow because the stuff expired soon. Need to get in soon. Otherwise, I am screwed. I don’t have another prescription for the stuff nor a way to get it. So clearly I must have forgotten the initial instructions.

And then I missed my shrink appointment scheduled for today because I completely forgot we changed the day to Monday and not Thursday. Forgot to enter it into my phone. Forgot to write it on the calendar. And when it came close to this week really did think it was Thursday but wasn’t sure of the time. When he left a message on my voicemail today I was like Damn It now I remember it was scheduled for today and not Thursday!

I clearly need to enter it into my phone While In is Office before I even leave. I will pre-write some checks so while he writes my receipt I will enter in the date and time into my iPhone planner. That at least will be done. I also think I will leave the calendar linked to that one open on my computer all the time so I can look every day to see what I have planned. I need to get this organized. With no one helping to remember these things… they are getting missed. My mom is going through chemo right now and usually, she is the one who ensures I make my appointments and get to them. Really helps with my memory. But she has a lot on her own plate right now. My spouse… not a great substitute for helping me with my faulty memory. So I need to set up some system that will really, really work for me.

The main problem with appointments is that generally I feel like crap when it comes time to get to them. I usually have a ride, but the pain makes it difficult to deal with anything and makes the pain worse. I’d love to cancel appointments, but obviously I can’t. Missing them makes me feel horrible. I feel like such a dick.

Brain fog is common to many chronic illness due to pain and_or fatigue


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