migraine awareness

#MHAM #MHAMBC #Migraines Day 6 ways to raise awareness

Day 6 “The best way to get a good idea, is to get lots of ideas.” Linus Pauling  Help us brainstorm ways to create awareness locally, regionally, nationally and globally. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just give us what you’ve got! 

Personally I love the blog and photo campaign every year. As well as the annual poetry contest. Helps get give people that creative outlet that I think is important and also helps raise awareness. A great many people doing the same thing at the same time and promoting it on social media outlets.

Wear purple: Locally there can be the wear purple campaigns. People can buy wrist bands or buttons to wear as well. Take pictures of themselves and promote that on a central page. Also on their own social media. And twitter.

Light up the world: Globally there can be something similar to Fibromyalgia awareness campaigns where they get in each city to turn buildings purple on a certain day to raise awareness… and often the pictures of that, or video in some cases are posted on a central page for people to see. I know a popular one here in Canada was Niagara Falls, both sides.

Muttart Gardens In my hometown Edmonton Alberta for FM/ME Awareness Day    
Niagara Falls lit up Purple for FM day

Panel of experts: Another thing that can sometimes occur on Fibromyalgia day, depending on the organization, but it always interesting is live podcasts/video chat with specialists discussing the condition and research. That is always an idea. Get a neurologist or researcher or panel or advocates to discuss aspects of migraines live on a certain date, but also of course have it saved so people who miss the live show can check it out later.

Video series: Also one FM advocate had done a series of videos on year on aspects of fibromyalgia and living with the condition and released them over the month. That was interesting and useful. Plenty of information that could be put into video format to choose from really. They were simple and concise. What she had done was answer questions from people with FM who had sent them in prior to the campaign, so that is one way to go.

Twitter Chats: Another great way to raise awareness is twitter chats with advocates and an expert. It can be done on, say, chronic migraine awareness day, or another specified day. They always go over really well and tend to pull in a lot of traffic and retweets.

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