We tore down our old fence yesterday. And what is amusing about that is once we had knocked it down I was bouncing on the old boards just, well, because and when I stepped off… vertigo. In fact, if felt Exactly like I was still bouncing up and down on them still. That is how sensitive my vertigo is to motion. And it can persist for a long time. This only persisted for about an hour, but for a bit there I stumbled to the side a few times and staggered over, and staggered backwards. I kept losing my balance severely. Then it tamed down a bit to just that fluxing bouncy sensation. Drives me nuts to realize just how sensitive the vertigo is even with the medication I am on.

Today my spouse, my brother and a friend built the fence. Of which I had nothing to do with. I did help paint some of the boards. However, being out in the sun for a short time caused a killer migraine. Even with my sunglasses on. Just too much for my head. So I took a pretty good break while I was waiting for my triptan to kick in. Thankfully, it did to a really good extent for most of the day. Migraine has come back now that it is late, but for most of the evening, it was kicked well and good. Triptans don’t always work that well, you have to catch the migraine quick. And sometimes it just is not sufficient and I can’t take another dose due to side effects. Either way, it worked well enough.

But damn the fibromyalgia pain really became to kick in from moving my arms that much and from squatting and standing repeatedly. I ignored it for a bit and kept painting. But then it just got worse, as happened. And pushed just that little pit Too far and now I hurt like hell. Unfortunately, that means it will be quite unpleasant tomorrow. Or maybe a good sleep will help as it really did not seem like I did that much at all. My spouse will be doing the majority of the painting tomorrow with a friend of ours… I really barely even touched on it.

Really makes you realize how little you can do, one way or the other, one pain or the other. And really have to take a lot of breaks and pace yourself. Ah well, at least I helped. A little. I call that participation!

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