Day 22 of migraine awareness month: “Every Breath You Take” video Ally McBeal surprise. Robert Downey Jr and Sting duet.Write to us about someone in your life who watches over you and how they help you live with Headaches and / or Migraines.

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My common-law spouse of 17 years watches over me. He has been with me since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and migraines and with chronic migraines. When I was working he used to cook every supper because I would be in too much pain or too tired to cook. Now that I am on leave from work I generally cook, gives me something to do. Although he still does all the grocery shopping since that task is very draining for me.

He is literally always watching over me. He fills my weekly pill sorter, so I don’t forget, reminds me to take my pills, in case I have forgotten. When we are out if I look like I am in pain he will ask if I am all right, and if I am not he is pretty insistent we leave. He does not want me to go back to work because he knows how they treated me and also how that affected me. How just the pain affected me.

He, or my mom, the both of them together drive me to appointments because neither of them really want me to drive in the city due to the migraines, and the vertigo, and certainly the combination of them. I seem to be able to handle driving for short periods of time now with the sebelium helping with the vertigo, as long as something has not already triggered it. So I can usually drive in town now on good days. But he did worry about that as well. Which is understandable, but I know when it is good and when it is not. And when to get my butt back home.


My spouse lets me be a goofball and laughs at all my jokes. That is when you know someone loves you. When they laugh at all your lame jokes. He loves my giggle. And I love to giggle. Although I insist it is a feminine chuckle and nothing so girly as a ‘giggle’. Except other people have said they knew me to be around by my ‘Nikki giggle’ so perhaps that is a losing battle I am fighting there. Either way, we laugh a lot together. And that is important to me.

He likes to include me in activities because he wants to spend time with me so he likes to choose things I am capable of doing. Vacations I am capable of going on. Yet in general, I am really a hermit, which has made him one as well. Although I insist he can go off and do things with other people, which he does from time to time and I like to encourage him to be as active as he wants to be. He is very generous with his time if someone needs a helping hand. He is there for our family and friends if they need help with something because that is the kind of guy that he is.

Although my mom is also very important to me in my support system. It is basically the two of them together that makes my support network really. Other than also driving me around to appointments and such, my mom will take me out for coffee once and a while, which gets me out of the house and I keep that contact with the outside world. I value that time spent with her a great deal. Throughout my entire life, my mom has always been my best health advocate, to be honest. I mean if anyone was going to be there and have my back at a doctors appointment it was my mom. And you have to understand after I was diagnosed with FM I really was not treated, it was my mom that helped me look at a bunch of different ideas and try them out. And to this day still does. I would not try half the supplements and herbal remedies if not for my mom. She is never critical and always much more motivational, but not in an overtly positive way, more in a let’s figure out a plan of action way. Which is good for an extremely passive procrastinator like me. I like someone to help me make plans of action. Helps me organize myself. That sort of thing my spouse could not be bothered with… hell, I have a hell of a time getting him to take just vitamins. So having someone to talk about other things that might be beneficial and other aspects of my health in a non-judgmental way is pretty awesome.

Between the two of them, I got all my bases covered with a support system. And I love them to bits.

Twitter: nikki_Albert

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