Morning #migraine strikes of lightning

I hate it when you are just sleeping and minding your own sleeping business… then suddenly…

Migraine lightning
Obviously the stage 1 and 2 of the migraine were occurring while you were blissfully in slumberland. So no way you could treat this the instant you became aware of it. You had no awareness at the time.
No your first awareness is the sizzle and throb of pain. Blink aware and there it is. Pain. Better than any damn alarm clock in existence although you don’t want to get up or move. You think maybe if you lay there longer it will help. It doesn’t. Laying there hurts more. Like your pillow is made out of rocks.
What a way to set off the day. To a full blown migraine that will not abort with a triptan because it is past the point of no return. Lovely.



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