A poem: The Bright

The Bright

Will you talk to me about what goes on in the light?

Beyond my shimmering, shaking sight?

I will tell you of the moonbeams

Of colorful, iridescent silent streams

If you will just tell me what goes on in the bright

So far out of my sight.

I will tell you how I captured thunder in my skull

How lightning is contained within me without lull

If you will tell me the secrets outside my window

So far beyond my sorrow.

 A migraine poem I wrote for a page I admin (Migraineur Misfits). We often share articles and information about migraines. Anything to spread awareness. I only write poetry when I feel really inspired to really. And I was struck with inspiration last night about isolation, pain, auras and this idea of yearning for a communication of what is going on beyond the darkness of where I am confined in times of migraine.

This is the image I pieced together for it:



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