Pain clinic: Exercise

exercise for chronic illness.png

My second visit to the pain clinic has relieved some of my concerns. I mean I completely failed to achieve the set-out goal of exercising one hour a day, right? So I assumed it was going to be some sort of push to achieve that.

It was not. I wonder if he had said that from the onset to see in fact what I could achieve without implying I could not, in fact, do it. Like suggesting I would not be able to achieve that goal anywhere near that right away would put me in that mindset and I would then achieve less? Perhaps so.

Fact remains I only was able to do ten minutes a day on the stationary bike trying my damndest. And I was not able to, in that month, get any more than that. So no advancement on top of that.

Epic fail I thought. Nowhere near the goal. I suck.

Also what the hell was up with that goal when I have fibromyalgia anyway? Seemed insanely impossible. Not productive to me at all.

You go through all this trouble to explain things and they say nothing left for you but to exercise. No treatment left I have not tried. And I am game for it. But set a goal like that? What a bastard, right?

Well, the second meeting he tells me it was quite expected that all I got for all my effort was ten minutes. In fact, that was rather good. A couple minutes would be fine. Ten was good. And that he would expect that it was going to take 5 to 6 MONTHS before I can work up to the hour he would like to see.

Thanks for telling me that. Now. Actually, this is very good news. My body vastly appreciates this timeline. This is achievable. Or so I hope. I seem to lack some insane muscle endurance, which from what I have read is normal for the conditions I have. He said stamina will come with time and I hope he is right about that. I know I was able to slowly increase my walking and yoga times so I hope it is the same with aerobics like the bike, although it seems to take a hell of a lot more out of me.

He also wants me to decrease my Lyrica medication. He said while it is a good medication for fibromyalgia pain wise it can be a bad one for fatigue wise. So it inhibits activity. And I definitely know that. It is why I spread it through the day… it is so bad for that I cannot take it in one dose. I am fine for decreasing it because I have been on it for many years now and initially I had noticed some improvements but I do not see as much anymore so it is hard to say it is doing anything now. I know the painkiller I am on is dramatically helping me exercise even though it is not that strong. But the lyrica not so much help at all. Plus the side effects long term should not be ignored. So I am fine with seeing what sort of changes happen if I decrease it. He said if it does affect my ability to exercise then to keep taking it, but if I notice no real difference in that regard then to go down by 75 mgs by the time I see him next.

I see the physio team he recommended on Friday and that will also help with the exercise. I am hoping they will recommend things to help with the hypermobility syndrome since part of the muscle fatigue comes from that and also some exercises are not recommended for that syndrome. I do not always choose the right ones unfortunately and it causes pain and accidents. Part of the problem with the stationary bike is that it is quite painful on the knees, which are double jointed, but I cannot think on any aerobics that would be easier on my joints, to be honest. Except maybe water aerobics. I might have to consider adding that in instead to protect my joints.


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