Fibromyalgia Cognitive Symptoms study

We are all familiar with fibrofog when it comes to fibromyalgia but fibrofog is really just part of the symptoms associated with the cognitive dysfunction of FM. Article published online July 21 in Arthritis Care and Research has recently looked more in-depth into the symptoms of cognitive dysfunction and where it affects FM. What they … Continue reading Fibromyalgia Cognitive Symptoms study

Poem: Surface

Surface   There you see,   the smiling me A facade I created, A game I concocted, Just for you. All of you.   Beneath the surface, behind that face, Is a silent scream, And shattered dreams. Just for me. All for me.   See more poems Poem: functional Poem: I dreamed Poem: A whisper … Continue reading Poem: Surface

Poem: Can you see?

  Can you see? Can you see me? All of me? Screaming in there? Hidden in there? All of me? Smiling for you? Dancing for you? Can you see me? Struggling inside? Dying inside? Can you see me? All of me? See more poems It took Surface The Bright