Persistent Aura Without Infarction (PAWOI)

Persistent Aura Without Infarction (PAWOI) is an elusive condition where the migraine aura with migraines persists for hours, days, weeks or even years in a small percentage of migraineurs. "According to the International Headache Society, PAWOI is distinguished from normal migraines by having aura lasting longer than seven days [3]. Also, these symptoms must not … Continue reading Persistent Aura Without Infarction (PAWOI)

Worthiness: We are enough

“The Power of Vulnerability” video This is a lecture about connection. Because people connect. She discovered that when she discussed connection people had stories about shame and fear... the fear of disconnection. This 'excruciating vulnerability': Have to allow ourselves to be seen... really seen. Those who have a sense of Worthiness believe they are worthy … Continue reading Worthiness: We are enough

Migraines and Canadians

CBC news reported: The federal agency released a report on the prevalence of migraine, stating an estimated 2.7 million Canadians reported to have been diagnosed with severe headache in 2010-2011 2.7 million Canadians stated they had been diagnosed with migraines. 26 % of them stated migraines prevented their usual activities. 26 % said they felt … Continue reading Migraines and Canadians