The fatigue machine


I know they say exercise will help with fatigue but I must say that does not seem to be working for me lately. Exercise has most definitely been increasing my migraine intensity so that likely is not helping.

You ever just get that insane fatigue that just seems to be compounding and compounding? Just getting nowhere… slowly.

Partly it is this insomnia and drowsiness combo. Can’t sleep at night. Can’t shake this drowsiness during the day.


Just have an insane time just getting up.

And I am dizzy. I have those black spots in my eyes and sparkles when I stand. I had thought the medication I was on had really helped with that, and it was, but lately just really dizzy. That is a component to this fatigue. You think am I tired? Hungry? Need water? Exercise? More sleep? What is it that will Help with this? You try everything to shake it and it is just there like a thick blanket.

Difficult to deal with all on its own because it is hard to get anything done when it gets bad. I have been motivating myself to exercise, as required by the pain clinic, but it certainly has not been helping me any.


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