Uncalled for vertigo

Don't spin in circles with a migraine.You're Welcome.


I have been going into the city three times a week now for a few weeks. Mondays for a pain class; teaching techniques to cope with pain. Tuesday and Friday for physio the insurance company sent me to. It is a bit of a load.

And I am not driving. My mom has been driving me to All of these. All of them! Due to the chronic migraines and vertigo. Since I have been put on the calcium channel blocker the vertigo has been reduced but it is very unpredictable with motion triggers like extended driving, elevators, escalators… pretty much anything like that.

If I were driving it would be worse. But as it is, all this into the city and back for weeks is triggering the vertigo in an extended way. Three days now I have had episodic bouts of vertigo. All day long, but mild and pulsing and then suddenly more moderate. Today before we left I noticed it sitting down. Then in the city, I could feel it standing up. Then my balance was shot.

However, with my medication, it is in the mild to moderate range, rather than the moderate to severe range which is far more serious. Without medication not only was it more severe but the bouts would last longer. And the nausea that would come with it was pretty extreme.

I don’t like it though. It is very disorientating. I feel all spacy. It affects my vision as well. Like your spatial perception gets distorted. Not to mention my auras can get very warpy when I get disorientated. You keep perceiving and feeling motion where there should be none. Just sitting still makes your stomach roll because you feel like you are shifting, or like the chair is bouncing. When you stand the ground feels spongy or like it is pulsing or vibrating. Then out of the blue, it drops from one side, and you lurch or stagger to the side.

Problem is that it isn’t going away because I keep going into the city. My brain isn’t getting a break here.

And this would be the reason why I cannot commute to work. Or really drive at all long distances. Within the town we are in, usually, I can. Sometimes even that will cause mild vertigo… or it has, but I assume that is when I already have a migraine. Hard to say. It is just that unpredictable. I just know highway driving or driving for any extended time makes it that much more ‘predictable’. The medication though has improved things and it is the only medication that touched the issue in the least bit.

Needless to say, I am cranky about it because the sensation is just that freaking bothersome. Even trying to sleep becomes a boat ride you did not ask for.




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