There is something that is really beginning to frustrate me about the label of disabled when it comes to invisible disabilities. And that is there is no winning with other people. No matter what you do, or don’t do, you will fit in some sort of stigma thinking that just makes no sense. There is a stigma out there for you, in other words. No matter what.

What does disability look like anyway

Let’s say you cannot function at all.

You cannot do modest housecleaning. You cannot do mild or moderate exercise. You cannot work. Well… then I am afraid you are doing nothing to help improve your condition and you are partly to blame for how you feel. In a way, you must be lazy. Maybe faking the intensity of it for attention. One of those three a) not doing anything to cure yourself b) faking it c) lazy. This comes up even if you are disabled but modestly functional and doing plenty of things to improve your quality of life… just not enough apparently.

Let’s say you have some mild or modest functionality on some days

Or you can do modest housekeeping some days. You can do mild to moderate exercise some days. You can’t work but you are doing as much as you can to improve your quality of life. And because of That… you are seen as too functional to be disabled. Therefore, you must be lazy because you should be working. Clearly, you have the capacity since you can do a mild amount of other things on good days, right? By the very fact, you are trying you are seen as completely functional. As if they cannot tell all the effort that a person goes through to do all those things. All the effort to be mildly functional on Some days. You just don’t Look disabled enough. Because you were just doing all the right things you should have been doing, instead of…. apparently not.

Too functional to be disabled, or not functional to even matter

Apparently, there is this ‘image’ of disabled being completely and utterly non-functional and as soon as you ‘do’ anything… you are seen as functional. But when you ‘fit’ the image you are not ‘trying hard enough’. When you ‘try hard enough’ you are then poofed too ‘functional to be disabled’. Like they have this imaginary line you cross from one to the other because of their conception of what disabled means. And it Does Not Mean that. Someone who is disabled can do a great deal to improve their quality of life, not like anyone else helps with that, and Still be disabled.

So what does disabled Look like? How does disabled Act?

It frustrates me to no end that a person on disability from work or disability with the government cannot improve their quality of life; socialize more, exercise a bit, see a psychologist, do meditation… whatever it takes and have that seen as making them ‘too functional to be disabled’. It is like they want you crippled by your disability. Maybe it is just Insurance companies that do this sort of thing. But I suspect government disability people can be just as devious if they want to cut someone off. I would warn you if you are on disability to be very careful on what you say to those people. Very careful indeed. They will choose very silly reasons, don’t give them any. Tell them only what you cannot do and why you cannot do it. Because this stigma is pervasive.

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