Chronic Illness and the future

Life can hold a lot of frustrations for the chronically ill in our past and our present. It is a constant stressor to us. Best laid plans… yeah, never seem to work out so well. We always plan though because we always have to be prepared. Anxiety comes from the fact that in some things we have no control over the outcome. No power. And it frightens us, that nothing we can do can change a thing. Such as dealing with doctors, insurance companies and so forth. We also make a lot of compromises for our health, so our lives take different paths than we ever intended. However, these changes are good things because we need to accept that compromises needed to be made.

The problem is we learn from experience. From the past and from the present. It gives us a lot of fear for the future. It is uncertain. We cannot know where we will be. What we will be doing. What our health will be like. If we will be financially stable. We can even get lost in the fact that there will Always be pain in the future and that fact torments us.

I know for me the future used to hold potential and possibilities. It was something to plan for. Something to think about and wonder. Not something to be intimidated by.

How do we accept and not fear the future so we can take hold of our possibilities? I am not sure I have the answer to that.

I believe we must accept there will be things we cannot control. Those things are the things we should make a conscious effort to not stress about, not worry about and not overthink about. Those things can torment us for no reason because we literally have no control over them or what will happen in the future. We will have to deal with the consequences, one way or the other.

I believe we must also accept that we will always have our chronic pain and chronic illness, but that we do not know what level that will be. All things change as does coping and medication. We do not know it will stay the same or be worse. Improvement is always potentially there. If it does stay the same we have the potential to improve our coping.

However, I believe the strongest element to not being held back from our future being open to new ideas and new opportunities. Whether that is trying a new hobby or a new treatment. Open to change means you are open to change and therefore to possibilities and potential… and that is what the future is. You are open to new things coming to you. New approaches. New ways of looking at things. New steps to take. New activities to try.

All I know is I want my future to be different than my past and I am open to finding ways to do that.


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