The pain you experience in life shouldn’ty make you look down on yourself

The pain we experience in life shouln't make you look down on yourself

The pain that you experience in life shouldn’t make you look down on yourself”– We should not feel guilt or shame due to our chronic illness. This is our life, but not our fault.

Or make you look backward and lose sight of your tomorrow.”– We cannot dwell on the past. Not our past healthy selves. Not this image we have of who we used to be that was so much more functional than we are now. We cannot compete with this person. We are the person now. We should complete with our current selves and try to improve based on that person.

It is difficult to see the wisdom in the scars they leave behind. But once you discover them, you will realize it is your attitude towards them that will make or break the rest of your days”– So much of coping is our attitude and perspective we have on our illness and coping itself. I have seen how I handled things at my worst with a very negative attitude and my perspective was that the pain consumed my life and would never, ever end. And that eventually broke me. Lucky to have survived it, to be honest. I have seen how changing my belief system regarding pain, challenging negative thoughts can help change things. Along with adapting my coping strategies as well. But my attitude slowly changed and my perspective change. Except on bad days, which I still have to fight those thoughts on. And I Hope that I will not at least be broken by pain again with these changes. Hard to say.

This quote though makes you think. That is why I like it.


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