Accepting there is more to treatment than medication

When I see an ad for a migraine cure or a fibromyalgia cure I know it is crap because chronic pain is complicated. I have read enough about it to know they barely understand it. Treatment for it is a complicated thing as a result. There is no magic bullet.

That is why medication is never enough. We might get a little somewhere with it but it will never be enough. It took me a long time to realize this of course. The way specialists make it sound, well, you believe medication will do something it simply will not do. So you believe them for a long time. Until you do your research. Realize it is more complicated than that. You realize what your best case scenario is and that is not what they said at all, assuming you get this best-case scenario.

We have to accept life is pain and anyone who says different Is selling something.

What else we do to manage our pain though is really entirely up to us which is a frightening aspect to the whole thing. We don’t often get a lot of guidance. It feels like doctors drop the ball. And they have. Because there should be real chronic pain management, start to finish. From diagnosis onward. Not decades in they might do something to help you along. It is a sad state of affairs but at least now they know it is a sad state of affairs.

For me currently, I am following the guidance of the pain clinic and this means my chronic pain management is medication, meditation, relaxation techniques, and exercise. I don’t know if it will work, only that I will keep trying. And that is all that I can do because I know the medication is not sufficient in itself.


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