I am loving the mindfulness meditation

I have been doing meditation for over a year now and really sort of sucked at it. It didn’t seem to do anything and it sort of made me impatient, to be honest. I don’t do well with being bored.

However, since going through the pain clinic class I have focused more intently on mindfulness. Doing it every day and giving it a real go. Telling myself I really owe it to myself to relax as part of my treatment. It is part of my treatment after all. Not only that but I have read a lot of the research on meditation and mindfulness. I know it does a lot to the brain. I know it does Something. Whether it would do Something to Me was another question.

And it has. It really seems to be doing something good. I have started doing it before the migraine hits. Like actually in stage 1 or 2 of the migraine attack, which would be the prodrome or aura phase. Sometimes even as the pain stage begins. I do a good bout of 15 to 20 minutes of mindfulness with either an app I downloaded or a CD I put on my phone.

Meditation Benifit #1Meditation Benifit #1(2)

The remarkable thing is that I have started to see some results from this. I am not certain if it is practice or that mindfulness works better for me that the other meditation practices I was doing before. Either way, the first time it happened it was a pound full of awesomeness that you could never anticipate happening. I had felt that real blinding pain begin, did my meditation and worked it down to a 3 or 4 pain level. It was like the migraine was sort of hovering around the edges of my brain but never really fully manifesting. What is better than that… it stayed that way all day.

The next few times were moderately successful I got the migraine down to a 5 and it stayed that way all day. Considering I work up to a 9 by the time I go to bed and am in so much pain I cannot sleep this is pretty brilliant.

What I am doing now is I do the initial migraine mediation. Then I added an evening one as well sort of to make sure things stay all tame.

Three days so far. Three days without a triptan. Without my rescue. Able to sleep well.

This is definitely something I am going to carry forward with in my treatment plan.

It is possible the exercise has something to do with it too, but I had seen no changes in that except more pain to be honest, so that is doubtful. I think it is the mediation alone that is doing it.




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