If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Maybe you’ve already traveled to an exciting place and want to go back. We know traveling with a chronic illness can be challenging so any tips for others that you can share would be great! 


I have always enjoyed traveling to Scotland. I have family there. I love the history. I love the nice, cloudy, rainy weather… sun and migraines just do not get on so well for me. I have been there twice in my life and would love to go back. I have also taken a short trip to Ireland and would also love to go back there. In my books, you can’t do better than lush scenery and ancient castles. Just my thing.




When it comes to trips it is very important to remember these are to be enjoyed. This is a time to de-stress, relax and enjoy yourself. And that means trying to reduce all the stresses that come with travel.

  • Medication: travel with all the medication you will need, then some, and all the OTC medication you May need because your body is more stressed than usual.
  • For migraines: Always travel with hats and sunglasses. A major Must.
  • Stay hydrated at all times.
  • Take plenty of breaks. And pace yourself.
  • Never feel like you need to rush. This is a vacation not an expedition into the great unknown. I tend to want to take my vacations at a mellow pace. One to two events per day, with extended breaks in-between. And I take my time doing things. I do not fear taking breaks.
  • For me, in particular, I cannot just go out into the boonies and camp. I need amenities nearby due to my rather delicate digestive system. Camping I have also found to be too painful even with an air mattress and foam overlays. So instead, because I do enjoy nature a great deal, we choose to go into the mountains and rent a little cabin for a few days. You have to choose to adapt your vacation to your illness and needs. I enjoyed that mountain trip immensely even though I was sore from walking a bit too much and had to take breaks due to migraines. Camping though, I do not enjoy so much. It is too much of a strain on my body and I cannot relax at all or enjoy myself.
  • I tend not to fly but when I must I give myself recovery time because I Will get a migraine and I Will get vertigo from the flight. So need some immediate downtime.
  • I prefer road trips but even with them, I do not do drive through the night type trips. I take my time. Spend the night in motels. Give myself the time to get where I am going and make the journey part of the trip because rushing is painful. Sitting down too long without stopping for walking breaks is very painful for me. So the journey itself must be paced.
  • Above all enjoy yourself.


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