Warpy, spinny day

My day started with vertigo. It has been constant for weeks now but gets abruptly worse during the day after commuting to work. Makes it hard to stand up because the longer I am upright the sicker and more disorientated I become for the feeling the ground is pulsing and moving beneath me.

Then came the sharp pain from sunlight. Nothing new in that. But with it came this distorting visual migraine aura. So when I looked into the air itself it was warping and shifting. When I looked at a Pattern like rocks on the ground, or grass or tiles… it was moving and shifting and warping. And, again, it was disorientating and made me even more nauseated.

I wondered all day… could I get away with leaving my sunglasses on at work? My eyes just hurt so much.

Then the pain. Bam My head exploded. It is mindblowing how much pain can hit you. And yet, still, you are expected to function. Have a hard time seeing, trying to keep food IN your stomach, have vertigo and can only stand for very short durations and in a crapton of pain… yeah, totally fine with that. Not.

I can totally fake happy better than this though. Even in the midst of such a beast of a migraine. Always wonder though about the whole driving thing… driving home like that never seems like the smartest of things to do.



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