To Jasper national park for two days. Really needed a break. Just a break.

Disappearing Lake


View on top of Tram line.

We took some driving tours, took a short walk around the Maligne canyon, Athabasca falls and went on the tram line. All of which causes pain. Even with breaks in there… holy hell bring on the pain. Foot pain in the arch, knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, migraine pain. At least we know I am not capable of much and cater our activities to that. Take a break between and then a longer break in there. Driving tours are great that way. Scenic. Have great views at the end. You can stroll about as much as you are able. Then more driving. But I put too much in one day, thus the pain I felt then, and now, and likely for the next few days.

Athabasca Falls
Rocks at top of the tram line


rocks at top of the tram line
View of Jasper from top of the tramline.

The picture above is from a path to the peak of the mountain. So the tram line stops at a point. And then, at your own risk, you can walk up the path to the peak. My spouse asked if I wanted to walk up with him. I looked all the up… uphill walking, with vertigo. “yeah, no. That is not happening.” I said. Because hell no. Just no way in hell can I climb a mountain. So off he went and even he only made it halfway, which frankly I find impressive. I stayed below and explored the rocks off the to the side of the mountain edge.

So then other than pain I experienced vertigo from the drive. At first it was sort of mild with fluctuations that were a little worse. Felt it sitting and standing. Then one day we were exploring a gift shop and Bam severe vertigo. I grabbed a counter and my spouse. And looked at all the fragile expensive things around me. Thinking I was about to become a bull in a china shop. I needed Out fast… well not fast so much as very slow and very carefully, but out. I also had the same very bad auras I have had for a couple of weeks now, which isn’t fun when you are trying to enjoy the scenery and it is all shaky and warpy. Nothing I can do about that, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Made some of my camera shots off though. As my focus isn’t the best. I focus, things warp and shift and shake.

Despite the trials and tribulations and migraines and pains of traveling with chronic pain I really enjoy the fresh, crisp mountain air. The majestic mountains. The wildlife. The waterfalls. The emerald lakes. This feeling that my stress is eased and my anxiety is diminished even for a short period of time. I feel peaceful. I will take the pain, vertigo, and migraines for a piece of that feeling.

As long as I have recovery time of course. That is essential. Always have recovery time in your vacation. It will take three to four days to recover from the one day there and the two travel days. Travel days, by the way, are part of where the pain comes from with FM… we cannot sit for long periods of time, even changing frequently is not enough on a long trip to ease the pain that comes. So you get there in pain. The next day you Do things, causing more pain. Compounding pain. Then you drive home. Which is why usually I have a slightly longer trip and do far less each day and a lot more of the day is just relaxing. That is what we did last time. But last time it was so sunny and the migraines required that downtime, hit me hard.

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