Nauseated beyond belief


Since my last status migraine last month I have had a very intense persistent migraine aura. It is this warping effect in the air. When overlaid over reality what happens is that it makes every object look like it is shimmering and moving side to side. And it makes solid colors look covered in twisting warping light. This is in addition to my other persistent migraine aura. What I have noticed is this one is significantly worse in all types of light and calms down with very, very little light… like outside at night. But it is making it very hard to see well. Making it hard to read on the computer. Even when I increase the size of the text, still shimmering.

The problem, aside from decreasing my capacity to see detail and stationary objects, is that all this constant Motion is giving me insane nausea. To the point of vomiting. I can’t seem to manage to eat much. My anti-nausea med Zofran isn’t working. I have been trying Gravol instead and if I take enough it seems to stop the vomiting side of things. It is bad enough migraine trigger nausea. Bad enough damn vertigo bouts trigger worse nausea. But now a persistent migraine aura is triggering Constant nausea?

Honestly makes me want to smack people who think migraines are just a headache. Giving the issues I am having are so beyond the pain. Not that the pain isn’t a massive issue, because, damn, it is. Just that the migraines cause so much more than that.




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