chronic migraines

My #ChronicMigraine experience in a few words

May the odds ever be in your favour for not getting a migraine. I got a migraine. And the same the next day and the next day. Ad infinitum. The odds are never in my favour.

Fizzle me pickles stop. I mean… pass me a pop.



I ordered the one with a career I am passionate about. You know the one I went to university for? That one. To make enough to take interesting holidays and invest in my future. Got this instead. Thanks roll of the genetic dice.

Can't make a judgment without the whole picture_Invisible disabilities cannot be seen.So much unseenBut felt.And judged without any knowledge of the whole picture..png

That person person with less pain who didn’t have depression. Whose brain was not compromised on a regular basis and whose life was going according to plan. Who had friends and good times and was happy.


Because depression does not make this easier.

Add subtitle text(7).png

Doesn’t help that people cannot see my pain either. Or that my smile seems to just make it disappear to others.


Or that people do not get it even when you explain it and why bother explaining when they do not get it?


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