Review: of MedNexus health search site

Today we are looking at MedNexus for patients. It is essentially the search engine for your health. The idea is to narrow your search right away. The problem with Google in this area is that you have to weed out all the cure sites, scam sites, and sites with little to no informational value to find what you were actually looking for.

And knowledge is power for the patient. Often we are forced to be informed about our disease or condition. We need to know what sort of treatment options there are and what our doctors are recommending… if that is the way we want to go. We need to be aware of what is currently going on in research and medications. Often we end up knowing more than our doctors and this is inevitable. We have the disease… they have to know hundreds. So we know all the details, the research and the nuances of it all.

So this is geared to the patient to enable the patient to be able to find what they need faster.
What I like about this search site is that it is bringing you to reliable sources of information. It is so common people get misinformed by sites that just throw information out there without bothering to fact check or keep up to date with research. These sites though are journals are sites of authority. And this is vital. We want sites of authority so we can trust the information. Trust me when I am doing research for an article I find a lot of sites that are garbage. I wouldn’t share them on my Page for sure. So much of that is floating around because they are just looking for traffic and use clickbait to get it.

There are search engines out there like this. Geared towards specific topics so you don’t have to weed through all the crap. This one is useful to us: The patient.

MedNexus is easy to use and navigate. From my screenshot when you put in something like Fibromyalgia it comes up with some possible inquiries such as ‘What is Fibromyalgia’. It sorts it into areas of research and then comes up with how many are in that category, for example, is it a health, research or forum discussion. And I like that they did this because I, for example, am looking for studies in journals so that research section is very important to me but someone else might just want something more of a straight answer on a specific health topic. Results are sorted by Most Relevant and Most Recent. So you can sort through all the results and look through each of those returns. When you search, to the left on this image, will come up with narrow down search features to narrow your topic. I like the general structure of it. The narrow down your search could have more options in it though.

The results you get as I said are quality answers and sites. That is obviously important and good to see. What I love to see is the research section. I have to dig research out of Google when I am looking for something specific, this could be a very useful tool.

I would have liked to see more results in the Health Topics. I found just what I was looking for in a research journal but the corresponding Health topics was way off topic and there were no others. I am not sure if they could add sources to create more information, but I can tell by the searches I did I am not getting the depth I would need for the sort of research I tend to do. However, Some of the research I do comes up in the Research section which means it would be an easier way for me to search for studies on a specific topic.

The company is still looking for feedback if you want to check it out and then answer their survey


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