Invisible illness: Invisible no more

We can face a lot of stigma with invisible illnesses. We can be doubted. We can be minimized. But we have certain rights too and the right to enforce them. Our suffering matters. Our well-being matters. Invisible illnesses... are invisible. Therefore doubted. Could be that doctor that doubted the pain you were in, so didn't … Continue reading Invisible illness: Invisible no more

Work compramises: Part-time

I am returning to work after having been on leave since August 2015. Starting next Monday. Normally this would cause me a great deal of worry. How can I cope when I have not been able to cope with the pain of full time in the past? And how can I handle it mentally and … Continue reading Work compramises: Part-time

5 things chronically ill hear about appearances

Since we have invisible illnesses people can often make judgments about our chronic illness. In particular our appearance because we do not 'look ill'. Things we hear when we have a chronic illness: You're too young to be sick You don't look sick/in pain If you lost weight/exercised you would feel better You look so … Continue reading 5 things chronically ill hear about appearances