Managing chronic illness

Ever been told that you do not do ‘enough’ for your health? Like you’re not working hard enough to cure yourself? It makes me wonder if people, in fact, realize all the things we, in fact, do for our health.

And frankly, we do a whole boatload for our health and wellbeing.

  1. Doctors/specialists/tests upon tests– We have appointments coming out of our appointments. We have our doctors and specialists. And waiting for doctor appointments and specialists. And then more tests. I see my doctor more than most people!
  2. Medications- I personally have more medications than my grandmother. Maybe because she is quite healthy and I’m not…Point being we take medications. And we have pill sorters which we fill every week like it is a hobby.
  3. Psychologists- sometimes this chronic illness and chronic pain cause depression or difficulties coping. So we add that to our list of professionals we see.
  4. Mindfulness/meditation– our pain clinic, doc, and psychologist all recommend we do meditations so we add that to our plan.
  5. Supplements– Some supplements are given to us by doctors like Vit D for pain and recommended like B2 for migraines. Others we add in ourselves. Out of pocket of course. Add that to the pill sorter.
  6. Diet changes– at least a few times in our chronic lives we come across a diet that people swear by and we try that to help improve our symptoms. Or just eating better and less processed foods that I try to do. Also lactose-free for my IBS. You know… all that sort of stuff.
  7. Exercise- again recommended by doctors, difficult to do, but slow and steady we do what we can. Sometimes. It can be inconsistent dependant on symptoms. And sometimes we can have a habit develop if we can… but we won’t be running a marathon anytime soon. It is painful. It is draining.
  8. Alternative treatments– Acupuncture, massage, chiropractors, biofeedback. We try them all. And some work for us, some don’t. If they work we add them to our plan of things to do.
  9. Address our sleep issues: with chronic illness and pain many of develop sleeping problems and we learn good sleep habits, and ways to manage it, and mediation before bed and medication if need be. Melatonin or herbal treatments. I’ve done them all.
  10. Most of all we always pace ourselves- We always moderate our activities. We always stay within our limits. Or pay the price.

Makes you wonder what people think we are doing. We are doing everything we can to maintain as best well-being as we can under the circumstances. Trying our best to achieve a balance if such a thing exists. Have a quality of life and live within our limits. Have the best mental, physical, and emotional health we can.

Next time someone says you are not doing enough for your health list of every single thing that you are doing every single day.

Chronic is chronic. We are not curing ourselves. We are managing ourselves.

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