Aphasia, brainfog and communication

I am having a difficult time lately with brainfog and migraine aphasia. The brainfog studies suggest is due to our pain. That is the pain takes up a lot in the brain only leaving so much for memory, focus and concentration. And I have been in a lot of pain lately.

The migraine aphasia is a migraine aura stage symptom. Causing transient aphasia. It makes it difficult to communicate verbally and written. You say a word and out pops and another word entirely. You say a word and it comes out garbled up and unintelligible. You Don’t comprehend well either. Sometimes the right word comes out but mixed up, like you mixed the letters up in your brain. Written wise you use the wrong word, transpose letters, write nonsense. You transpose numbers as well.

It is extremely frustrating at work. You are trying to talk to a customer and all of a sudden you can’t say certain words, words you need to use. And sentences come out all half-assed backward. You use the wrong word and don’t always even notice. You feel like a fool.

And oh how the internet abhors a typo. People never get slack on a typo.It is the bane of the internet’s existence apparently.  Even if it is caused by something you cannot control. I’m tired of people who have nothing better to do than point out someone on the internet made a type. What a shocking event. People are human. People will make typos.

You can follow the brainfog tips I wrote here and see if that helps any. For migraine aphasia, not so much since it is the migraine to blame.

The migraine aphasia has been driving me mad lately from dealing with work and then people online. I hope it just gives me a break soon.


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