There are a lot of people living in survival mode right now. It is not meant to be lived in. It is meant for short a duration. Yet due to lack of pain management we live in it. Every day is merely how to get through that moment, that hour, that day, that week. And nothing unnecessary is included in this survival mode. Go out with friends? No, no energy left for any socialization. Engage in a favorite hobby? With what energy? Exercise like you are supposed to? In what world is that even possible with the pain you are in, right? And then it would make it even worse for the next day. That is simply out of the question. No, it is get through work, crash and burn at home to suffer in peace. Over and over and over again. It is an existence. Not a life. And many, many people are stuck in this survival mode due to lack of proper pain management. I foresee many more will be added to the list now.

It is a dangerous state to be in. Often it leads to sleep deprivation because by pushing through the pain, pain levels are high, when pain levels are high, we cannot sleep. Leading to painsomnia and then sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation and high pain lead to mood regulation issues of depression and anxiety. For me, this was my danger-zone for suicidal ideation.

I lived in the zone of survival mode for years. It is a horrible pain filled, isolated hermit existence. And you feel there will never be any escape from it. Because in general no one has any real desire to put any effort into actually helping you. I have pain. I am having trouble coping with this pain. My medications are not working. And nada.

Is it to much to ask for some quality of life? Some actual life in there? Isn’t it actually the aim with chronic pain to be able to manage our pain and suffering to the point that we can have a life? That we can socialize, which boosts our mood. That we can exercise, which boosts our mood and helps with chronic pain management. That we can maintain our work without missing too much; even if this takes compromises to achieve… that we need to make those compromises for our health. That we can meet our social obligations, family obligations? That we can engage in our favorite leisure activities. Stay within our limits and moderate our activities, of course… that is a must, but have a life. That we can function like a normal human being with limitations? Quality of LIFE.

If that is the aim then why are so many pain patients ignored? Treated like drug-seekers or drug addicts. Or refused treatment that could give them that quality of life. Or is that no longer the aim? What is the aim when they see a pain patient now? We will not really help you with your pain because you could be of the fragment of people that could become addicted, or maybe you are an addict… although they generally get their painkillers elsewhere… so I’m not really going to deal with that whole pain thing you have going on Just In Case. If you are not, then sucks to be you.

Pain untreated affects concentration, mental clarity, focus, short-term memory, working memory and long-term memory. Just not processing speed. More pain the more space in the brain is taken up with that and less is there for anything else. Try thinking through high pain levels. It is extremely difficult. Untreated pain basically means… lower income because someone likely will be forced to reduce their work to part-time or change jobs to something they can focus on easier. With treated pain, it is the hope the person can maintain their actual work and continue on their career path with the right accommodation. It isn’t always possible sometimes the actual treatment might suggest working part-time. Sometimes exceeding your limits means downsizing the work.

Are we as a society condemning chronic patients to pain? Hell condemning them all as addicts when we all very well know not everyone is even susceptible to addiction, but labeling everyone drug-seekers anyway. Shaming them. When they are actually seeking relief. Is that what the opiate epidemic is about? Condemning patients to pain and locking them into survival mode forever. What does that say about us as a society that we find that acceptable? Let them suffer? Let them suffer because the 10% who have the potential to become addicted, and who are getting their painkillers from other sources and who will still have an untreated addiction problem… will not be able to get their painkillers from the source they were not getting it from the first place. So, then, all the pain patients, some with pain even I cannot fathom will have to suffer and suffer.

What sort of society finds that okay?

What sort of medical society finds that okay? Not looking at a patients pain and quality of life?

These are the things I want to know. I endured survival mode for a brutally long time. And almost didn’t make it out alive. It is never meant to be endured long-term. The body isn’t made for it. We cannot last that way mentally and emotionally. I can tell you how I got out of this state, but it required pain management and, hell, if I even know if that is possible these days. Not that pain management is all about medication, but it certainly is partly for people who have responded to no other medications that medication may very well be an opiate.


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