@WHO says severe #Migraine attack as debilitating as quadriplegia. #MHAM
WHO says severe #Migraine attack as debilitating as quadriplegia. #MHAM

I don’t particularly like comparisons like these. But it does make a point to people who do not have migraines.

The fact I want to emphasize is that a severe migraine attack is debilitating. When an attack hits and it is a 9. You are going nowhere. The pain alone is too much for you to function with. To move with. You are housebound. You just curl up on the couch and wish the pain would stop.

You make the house as dark as possible. As quiet as possible. Every slice of light stabs you. Every damn noise pierces you. You are disorientated. Dizzy. Foggy headed. And confused.

You can’t do things to distract your brain from the pain because the pain is too large to allow distractions… it consumes the distractions. It consumes your reality. Times like these I may binge Netflix on low volume… because I cannot do anything else. I am stuck. Grounded. And at least focusing on the TV is not focusing on that pain.

Sometimes though you are running for the bathroom to throw up over and over again. Other times you are running to the bathroom repeatedly because of diarrhea, another symptom people are not aware of. You can get dehydrated Fast. You have stocked a powder to take if that happens to recover from the shaking and trembling. The movement of getting to the bathroom and the act of throwing up spikes the pain in your head 10 fold in that moment. You feel like you might pass out like you have before from migraine pain.

Then it doesn’t end for three days.



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